21 December 2009

tea smoked chicken

with my chinese style plum sauce

I'm still in 2 minds about this process, I've never smoked a cigarette in my life, but felt as though I'd just drawn in a couple of blends, after having eaten this dish.
It's aromatic, smokey, but bordering on overpowering.

So .......... yesterday I thought I'd give tea smoked a whirl - I've seen this cooked so many times on the TV, but have never really been much interested -
by first poaching the chicken breast for 20 mins in star anise, chinese tea, sechuan pepper and .... nope, no and, that was it.

I then set up my all purpose pot from Catalunya with a foil packed smoking cocktail of 4 tablesp chinese tea, powdered rice (the cheapest packet on the shelf for a non-rice eater), star anise, sechuan pepper, a couple of garlic cloves and peppercorns

smoked for 20 mins

and served with the plum sauce.

I've had to throw my bamboo steamer away as it has welded itself to the smoking "tar".


Unknown said...

It looks delish Gill. Really overpowering with the tea? I once made fish smoked over a mixture of jasmin tea (200gr) and slices of fresh ginger. It only had a very subtle taste of the tea mix and it had not been poached in tea before.

Gill the Painter said...

The tea flavour would be fine, Elisa.
But I found the smokiness too much - cough cough.
It certainly works though!

I guess I'm not much into strong bbq flavours either, so maybe it just does suit my tastes.

Odette said...

Hi Gill - shame about the steamer. I've found that one has to be really very light on that smoking method or it ends up incredibly strong as you found. If you ever have the inclination to try it again, you might want to try no more than a tablespoon total of combustables (perhaps sans rice) set in a two inch or so hole in the middle of the foil - you'll get a fraction of the smoke with the same heat for cooking the meat. Works well with cooked leftovers too - you might enjoy briefly smoked Xmas meats done that way.

Your plum sauce is truly dee-vine and I'm waiting for a suitable fowl to roast and produce crispy skin for serving with mine!

Gill the Painter said...

I will have another go, Elisa and Odette.
Especially if I can get outside at the bbq for my next attempt.

Do have a go at making the plum sauce. I've been using mine on wraps/ sandwiches with leftover meats & spring onion.

Renée said...

I'm a bit late in replying, Gill, but I have made something similar using Lapsong Souchang tea and whole white rice. I can't remember marinating the chicken first, but will do that next time. Excellent tips, Odette - thanks!
I'll be making the plum sauce, too.

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