11 January 2010

beef rillettes/ potted beef

aka "no need for teef beef" - cheers Lush!

My friend Lucinda gave me this idea as a way to use up some dried cured Irish beef I've made

It's incredibly tasty

30 day cured Irish beef brisket
beef stock
a little wine
fresh bay

no salt or pepper

gently fry the shallot and garlic in beef fat or goose fat.
add your stock, wine, and the shreds of cured beef (or left over beef)
poach for 5 mins to reduce the liquid, it should keep the beef moist, but not swim in it
cool, cover with cling film, and weight it down to compress the beef nicely

serve on toast - yes! I did add butter to my toast


Lucinda said...

That looks absolutely delicious Gill. I must make some soon.

Gill the Painter said...

Not bad for a "hand me down" recipe eh!
Thank you for the super suggestion, Lucinda.

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