5 January 2010

street art and my feet art

It's like this mini crop circle in the snow, man.

'twas a little chilly in the studio today, but beautiful nevertheless.
The picture on the left is Lella's abstract "fishes", and mine is imagined people going to the local theatre here at the Everyman - the second "coat".

It will probably take another 2 or 3 layers or maybe more to get it as I want.
I'm feeling it to be top heavy and out of balance though?

What luck I took my hat this morning!


Odette said...

Love your mini crop circle, Gill! Everyone wants to look in your studio window - the paintings look so good in it, too! Your Everyman is coming along nicely - window reflections aside! Looking forward to seeing how you let it end up.

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Odette.
It's so cosy in there, despite needing scarf and gloves to paint at the moment.

I don't go for long, maybe 3 hours a day? Sometimes a little longer.

I'm struggling with my Everyman painting, it's just not clicking. I'll have to stare at it today and see what I can create to bring it to life!

Enjoy your painting yourself too.

Odette said...

Three hours a day sustained painting is pretty good going, Gill. I do four on a really good day and usually less than that. There's just so much creative power a brain can produce in day, I reckon.

I hear you about your painting not clicking - happens from time to time. I either leave them or do something drastic. Or sometimes there's something really small that you do and then get the moment!

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