2 February 2010

clay modelling

I made my first attempt at a clay modelling sculpture yesterday. Although I've never done this before, I confess to my being at an advantage, as I have painted Tim before.

If anyone is stumped for a birthday gift for a friend, or family member, or you just want to say thank you to someone, try booking a clay modelling day for them. It's tremendous fun!
Not expensive, and I chose to attend only the afternoon part of the session from 1pm - 4pm, which was £15 on the day at the Cheltenham Art School.

You are given a plastic bucket filled deep with cool, malleable clay, and a wire frame upon which to work. Fill the frame first with finger torn clay pieces, and gradually work outwards looking at the model as you build. Move around your 3D clay form to press out glaring imbalances until you are comfortable with the size and shape you have achieved.

& now you can dig both your thumbs hard in at the eye sockets, blob a prosthetic nose in place, gouge into the lip area, build up the cheek bones and create you replica head just as you see fit.

You're provided plastic spoons, sticks and implements to fashion your work. I used a plastic chopstick to prod at the eye form and it seemed to do the job well.

& there you have it, the clay model head is completed & I can't wait to have another day of the same.


Debs @ DKC said...

Hey Gill, nice model. You're becoming a jack of all trades LOL. Glad you enjoyed it; sounds like fabulous fun.

Lush said...

I think I've seen that face on a 'Wanted' Poster Grilly!! :-)

There is nothing like getting your hands up to the elbows in a bucket of clay is there...I think it must be a primeval thing!
I took pottery classes centuries ago and throwing the clay on that wheel was addictive...not to mention very messy - I bet you're still cleaning it out from underneath your fingernails.....!!

Gill the Painter said...

Why hello ladies.

Why am I not surprised you've done pottery, Lushpotpotpot.

You can't go wrong with it can you. Even if you make a ghastly lump, call it ""the MIL" & use it as a door-stop.

Check out lessons Debs, as part of your ongoing therapy, why not!

Odette said...

Good work, Gill. Clay modelling is great innit!

Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial said...

Gill, I think you've really captured Tim's face there! I can't believe this is your first attempt at clay modelling...wow..


Gill the Painter said...

You've made it over here Celia. Welcome.

& thank you.
It's a great way to spend an afternoon if you can find a lesson.

Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial said...

Yes, and I'm so glad I did, Gill!

I always had you pictured in my head as wearing overalls, sporting a paint-roller and facial hair! Just goes to show how wrong our images of online pals can be! :D

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