30 March 2010

Dan Lepard at mumsnet and his easy hot cross buns


Everyone had an invite to join Dan & David over at mumsnet for a live webchat and a joint cookery experience yesterday morning.
If you've never participated before, what can I say - you should!

When Dan got the proceedings under-way by starting his journey to the mumsnet kitchen at 07:30, a few of us realised we'd better get our skates on, and started to prep.
For the next couple of hours, we measured, mixed, shaped, decorated, took photos & baked together - all at differing phases in the hot cross bun process.

We became quite a community in our HXB world.

So next time you see a Dan Lepard bake-along, get yourselves in and have a blast.

His recipe for easy hot cross buns is here
  • melted butter in hot milk, yeast in camomile tea fresh ginger & egg in milk mix, mix with flour

  • speedy knead and fold, divided into 12, and shaped

  • paste mix for the X inc butter, into a piping bag, and straight across the buns for the oven

my tweeks

- replaced the water with camomile tea infused overnight
- sultanas & fresh ginger for the fruit - never liked mixed peel
- 30g muscovado sugar used

28 March 2010

how to make Dan Lepard's tiger bread

this is a yeast bread bake, with a little sourdough added on my part.
And once again, Dan Lepard has shown us how to do it on his forum

they're making it on Madrid Tiene Miga too.

so I followed the recipe in his Exceptional Breads book, and have produced a light, interesting loaf that is quite different to anything I've produced before.

My husband prefers the weight and texture result given by the sourdoughs so it won't become a regular, but it's certainly one to impress your friends

And for Dan's tiger topping, I experimented with 2 flours, but the semolina flour crust was the only one that reacted to the yeast

150ml water 100g semolina flour 1 tsp yeast 1 tbsp oil

mix ingredients and leave for 2 hours, you'll have a fermenting paste, which you spread on your risen loaf 30mins before baking