26 April 2010

chilli sauce on a Sunday

by Choclette

I saw this recipe over at Celia's excellent Fig Jam & Lime Cordial blog http://figjamandlimecordial.com/

it's delicous
great a-top a beefburger

Since I haven't changed the recipe, although I didn't actually need the arrowroot as I reduced it quite a lot, you can find out just how to make it at the delicious chocolate log blog here

23 April 2010


A very pleasant South American salsa sauce by Eva, in Chile

we had it with griddled fish a la plancha (but not on the bbq quite yet)

spring onions
fresh tomatoes
fresh coriander - I added chopped chives too
2 or 3 deseeded fresno peppers
ev olive oil
salt and pepper

Don't be shy with that oil.
& the fresno peppers are great in raw sauces for that manageable pepper heat.

13 April 2010

welcome to an open exhibition at Montpellier Gardens

the exhibit is now open, and I've walked around the Gallery for you to see the contributors to the open drawings from life invite, nice and big!
it's surprising how many different responses to the brief there are ........

all images and videos are subject to copyright & are included here with the permission of the event organisers
at Cheltenham Fine Art

10 April 2010

Dan's linseed cheddar scones

click here for Dan's recipe

They're light, savoury and fragrant

just what I want in a dinky scone

8 April 2010

very cheesy biscuits all the way from North Carolina, via France

The internet never ceases to amaze me for the ease of access it gives to great food

and this terrifically cheesy recipe is posted here with the kind permission of a chap in the States called NCPaul, on behalf of his wife who created them

So over on the wildfood forum, up pops IaninFrance, a b&b owner in France, with a cheesy cracker recipe to capture my attention, he has sourced it from the sausagemaking.org forum
I thought they only talked about meat curing over there ...


220g medium cheddar
30g butter
1 egg white
60g oat flour -
blitz porridge oats to make this flour
40g self raising flour
some chilli powder - I used several grindings of Zulu chilli powder
black pepper

  • mix the flours in a food processor
  • add the butter and pulse
  • then the grated cheese and egg white and pulse
  • bring together into a rolling pin shape, wrap in cling film and chill for 15mins

  • slice as thinly as you wish, here they are approx 4/5 mm deep, if you want a crisp cracker style result, roll out your biscuits to a thinner, flatter shape

  • bake at 200 for 5 mins till bubbling, turn you tray round, then bake for 8 - 10mins at 190, reduce these times for thinner crackers
  • cool on a rack

5 April 2010

glass painting sketch

Thought I'd have a dabble with some of the glass paints I have in the studio.
A flower picture to brighten up the holiday.

I outlined it first of all on paper

then again on a glass pane using gold glass lining paint

then filled a little with coloured Vitrea. It should be set tomorrow with any luck so I can stand the glass up without it dribbling

and I'll take the paper off and frame it.

4 April 2010

apple tart "maman blanc" by Raymond Blanc

I had high hopes for Raymond Blanc's apple tart "Maman Blanc" after praise for it on the Beeb Messageboards.
I probably would never have got round to making this one, if a baker called Sue L hadn't brought it to my attention again.

So I gave it a whirl yesterday, following the recipe exactly, no tweaks

Looks good doesn't it

I got along famously with the method, the rolling out of the pastry worked a dream.
His use of one teaspoon of water in the mix keeps the casing crisp, firm and buttery for the final dish.
And the bottom is dry and cooked well, with a pleasing caramel layer between the base and the custard

But I have one problem with this tart. It's too butter rich for me, I just didn't enjoy that taste in the pastry, and if anything it was unbalanced in there.

And my husband asked if Raymond really serves it in his restaurant, I don't know if he does or doesn't.

A nice enough tart, faultless methodology, but it doesn't deliver as much as I had expected.