8 April 2010

very cheesy biscuits all the way from North Carolina, via France

The internet never ceases to amaze me for the ease of access it gives to great food

and this terrifically cheesy recipe is posted here with the kind permission of a chap in the States called NCPaul, on behalf of his wife who created them

So over on the wildfood forum, up pops IaninFrance, a b&b owner in France, with a cheesy cracker recipe to capture my attention, he has sourced it from the sausagemaking.org forum
I thought they only talked about meat curing over there ...


220g medium cheddar
30g butter
1 egg white
60g oat flour -
blitz porridge oats to make this flour
40g self raising flour
some chilli powder - I used several grindings of Zulu chilli powder
black pepper

  • mix the flours in a food processor
  • add the butter and pulse
  • then the grated cheese and egg white and pulse
  • bring together into a rolling pin shape, wrap in cling film and chill for 15mins

  • slice as thinly as you wish, here they are approx 4/5 mm deep, if you want a crisp cracker style result, roll out your biscuits to a thinner, flatter shape

  • bake at 200 for 5 mins till bubbling, turn you tray round, then bake for 8 - 10mins at 190, reduce these times for thinner crackers
  • cool on a rack


Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial said...

I make a simple parmesan cookie reminiscent of this - the oats are a nice suggestion, thank you!

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