14 February 2009

fillet steak and green peppercorn sauce

This is an older post, just testing my full back up.

I made this meal for Valentine's Day
with pamesan potato cakes


thick cut butcher fillet steak
green peppercorns, crushed
double cream
maris pipers, cooked & crushed gently
green beans

  • bring your steaks to room temperature & coat in crushed green peppercorns
  • fashion maris piper potatoes into cake shapes with a little butter, and top and tail with grated parmesan
  • grill them on medium for 25 minutes, turning for even brownness
  • sear the sides of your steaks, using ev olive oil and a teaspoon of foaming butter in the pan
  • then fry your steaks to your liking, 1 rare and 1 medium for us
  • steam your green beans
  • now, rest the steaks in a warm oven & flambé the brandy in the pan juices
  • add cream, salt (& pepper if needed)
Quite simple really, but you can make it a more complicated dish if you wish.



Spotted Dick said...

what are those two green sticks doing in the main photo ;-)

Only kidding looks fantastic, BUT was it worth it :-D

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