17 June 2010

be kind to your wheelie bin day

My husband has just been to put the bin out this morning, and come back in with watery eyes and a weak stomach.

Ooooo, I think that's a sign that Gill needs to clean the wheelie bin again.

As we don't have a tap in the garden, water chores like giving the plants a drink, & cleaning said  wheelie bin have to be done with heavy buckets.
Tony has a fragile back, so those donkey works remain my tasks.

I'm not sure when the wheelie became radio-active, it was OK last week I think, and the bin men haven't left me any hate mail.

So I've filled it with a 1:5 ratio of 1 squeezy of beach to 5 buckets of hot water.  

Next chore, good drying day so I'll hang out the white washing ............. it's all go



Lucinda said...

You good woman you! You can buy some Jeyes Fluid "Fresh Bin" powder to sprinkle in the bottom once it's clean and dry... it helps a bit...

Make sure your whites are whiter than white now Gill! Standards to maintain and all that ;)

Gill the Painter said...

Too right Lucinda.
I don't mean to brag but my white washing lifts the tone of our street.
I think everyone else uses blue Daz.

Jeyes fresh bin has been placed on Tony's cleaning products shopping list. Thank you

Debs @ DKC said...

Hey Gill, are you sure Tony's back complaint isn't a side effect of not wanting to clean the wheelie bin lol.

I now have visions of you cleaning the bottom of the bin, falling in & Tony arriving home to find your legs sticking out of the top

Gill the Painter said...

I shouldn't laugh, Debs.
But that would be typical of me, if it happened.

Or more likely someone pushed me in.

Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial said...

It's a pain of a job, eh, Gill? I make our eldest son take the bins out, so I never worry about it. Pete wasn't so happy the other day though, when I put out prawn shells on a Monday night (bins collected on Friday morning). Sigh.. :)

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Celia
Oh you've just reminded me talking about prawn shells.
We've got a food festival in Cheltenham on Sunday - I always buy about 10 whole salmon for £10 each from a fabulous fish counter, which I then skin and debone in the afternoon for the freezer. I can get anything from 6-8 meals from one.

I think I'll push the boat out and buy the prepared one they sell for a little more at £12.50

I don't want to spoil my lovely clean bin with fish flotsam.

Lush said...

Haaaahaha.......a subject close to my heart Grillbo!

If I ring into my Physio and say it's 'Miss Wheeliebin' they know exactly who I am - It's the nickname they gave me because I was always banging on about my wheelie - either we'd been missed out yet again, and I had to ring our useless council so many times I lost the will to live.....or... they'll only pick up if it's in a certain place.....or if we don't take it off the pavement straight after it's been emptied somebody will come along and place unspeakable things in it.......etc...etc....I could go on all day...!

I bought a wheelie cleaner from Lakeland a few months back - sort of like a big plunger wrapped in micro on a long handle - never used it - totally useless - Himself just laughed at it and got out his powerthingy and blasted it one!

I'm sure I'll find a use for the plunger tho'.....:-) !

P.S. Nice looking rocket above......!

Gill the Painter said...

I can't believe you're called Miss Wheeliebin, girl.
I didn't have you pegged as a beauty pageant type of woman, Lushpotpotpot.

I wouldn't mind buying a blaster-powerthingy, which I can also turn on the cat that's been leaving presents in my gravel.

Lush said...

Ah - moggies - might be able to help there Gilly.........
D%&n things were using my garden as their own personal latrine for ages - along with the foxes - I tried everything - those sonic jobbies placed around just seemed to amuse them, holly, citrus sprays, 'getoff'stuff etc.etc. - all no good!
The Lushly got himself one of those gas air guns which would sting if he shot them up the kyhber ( rarely does - by the time he's loaded the thing, they've gone!) The squirel has a good laugh though!
But it's a bloke thing....

Anyhoo...best thing is to douse everywhere they go with diluted Jeyes - I use quite a strong solution - no good on grass, it'll turn it brown, but you can spray plants with no ill effects, on the gravel & paths I put a very strong solution down and they don't seem to like it at all (I love the smell fortunately!)

And 'The Miss Wheelie' thing - lol - no siree - I've far too much upholstery these days - and anyway I gave them nicknames first!

Gill the Painter said...

Tony loves buying Jeyes at Tesco, and moaning about the price everywhere else he sees it.
He's a driven man.
I'll get him onto it forthwith.

You sound like you have a healthy rapport with your bin men.
Mine call me "not'er again at number 7"

Lush said...

Big Thanks to Tony!

I'll check out the price at Tesco - I go through tons of the stuff!

My binmen can't look me in the eye.......probably because they all wear wrap-around sunlasses...................!!!!

Gill the Painter said...

Ha ha ha.
The things people throw away,eh!

Lush said...

Lol...:->) You're a bad Grilly.......!

Give the Jeyes a go - especially on the gravelly stuff - it's really disgusting trying to clean that up - it works - but you need to do it at least once every two weeks.

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