29 July 2010

wasabi pea sourdough - and a day with my friend Joanna

on Dan Lepard's forum, there's always a Bake-Off challenge to catch the breadmakers' interest

& the latest challenge is to produce a recipe to reduce cholesterol.

So, with that brief in mind, I'm drifted back into my 20's.
When I worked for Chase Manhattan Bank with a Spanish chap called Jaime.
Jaime's family genetics was riddled with dangerously high cholesterol, some members had passed away for it.

So whenever Jaime's own readings reached 13, he used to eat a diet of peas, nothing more, until his levels reduced to an acceptable high of 10, or there abouts.

So, with the idea of peas rolling around in my mind like a topple frozen bag of green bullets, yesterday I compose the ingredients for a sourdough wasabi pea bread

It's the morning when I'm visiting fellow blogger, Joanna at Zeb Bakes, who also participates on Dan's site.
So I fold, and mash the beginnings of the loaf, until the resting time begins at 09:15, the exact moment when I'm heading off to the M5,
so the dough will have it's first rest for 1hr 30 in the boot of my car, Silly.

wasabi pea sourdough 

over night ferment of 50g leaven, 70g water, 35g/35g of white/rye flour both
340g water with infused 5g powdered wasabi
200g blitzed warm peas
250g white strong flour
100g soya flour
100g chickpea flour (or peasemeal if you can get it)
7g salt

 with the overnight ferment in your bowl, add the purée of peas & stir

add the remaining ingredients in their order & stir together to produce a wet sloppy mass

turn your mass 3 times every 10mins, and rest (in the boot of your car) for 1hr 45

fold/ turn, and rest for a further 1hr 30

shape and rest for 45mins

bake @ 220 for 30 - 40 mins

& cool in someone else's garden, preferably with poodles


thank you for a wonderful day, Joanna

& thank you for your beautifully turned out tangy sourdough loaf too.  It's splendid!



azelia said...

Gill - how interesting and what novel way of using wasabi! Well done!

mmmm - on my list to make in the autumn!

Choclette said...

Oh Gill, I want some of this. What an absolutely fabulous creation.

celia said...

Wasabi pea sourdough! I'm sure the artist in you couldn't resist the colours, Gill. Oh, how I wish I could have joined you and Jo in the garden with the poodles to gorge myself on your magnificent breads!

Joanna said...

What a lovely day we had and I really enjoyed the genesis of the new bread! Zeb always enjoys a good bakey bake day, as you say, he takes a keen interest in the results. I had some more of your tasty prototype yesterday with my lunch, all that moisture in it means it keeps well too. I've popped a link in to this post my end too. Have a good weekend Gill!

Gill the Painter said...

Good morning fellow bread cooks.

Azelia, yes this is definitely one to bake, it's a keeper.
I tried it with scrambled egg & it did not go. But sliced beef, yes it worked.

Thank you Choclette. Joanna and I were musing whether we could create a loaf from scratch.
If you stick to what you know, the answer is yes.

Hi Celia.
The artist in moi is very pleased with that pistache/peas colour.
& the artist in me paints the same way.
You have a strong brief (Dan's challenge, just like you cottage loaf challenge or a painting idea)
think about it for an age
then get on and do it when the moment is right.

& Joanna.
Long time no see!
I've kept some of your sourdough to take with me to family in Doncster. We're having a bbq tonight, and I shall put out a plate of our breads to impress them wildly.

Anonymous said...

i bought some powdered wasabi this week along with a sushi mat intending to use that unopened pack of nori sheets in the cupboard. But i think i may be using it for this recipe in the near future :)

Gill the Painter said...

Hello and welcome, Ray.

I have nori sheets in the cupboard too.
I wonder if it would make a decent sourdough.


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