5 September 2010

orchard scrumping in a Cotswold village near Tewkesbury

How often is it that you are told your friend has an orchard, laden with fruit?
Not often in my case.

Sarah, an artist friend with her own studio in that orchard of hers, offered me a "pick your own" time whilst she was away for a week.

So Tony and I cycle out there first.  It was a sunny day, and we fancied the exercise, stopping half way at the Shell garage for a refreshing cider lolly.
& we return the next day with firm boxes to protect the bounty we are about to pick,
armed with a small, 2 step foot ladder to reach the lower branches.

I had to stop Tony on the damson tree, it was looking greedily decimated.

we've got apples



and 7 kilos of damson

so I've been making, pickled plums, plum jam, apple pies, damson jam, damson gin, damson pickle & damson gin 
coupled with oriental style hoisin/plum sauce using damson today.

Once I've finished, I'll post the processes I've used for you.  


Lucinda said...

Lucky you Gill. That's a glorious orchard.

Gill the Painter said...

It's beautiful indeed.
I wanted to pitch up amongst the greenery and make a painting - but that might have been too much.

I'm hoping my friend might offer though :)

Joanna said...

Glorious fruit! Lovely photos Gill! We got some lovely damson plums locally, merryweather I think they are called and have made jam and plum sauce based on Celia's husband's recipe. Now as I think I said, we are drowning in apples and pears from our little trees. We made Pam Corbin mincemeat, no added fat, two sorts, and then a cherry one with the traditional suet as well. Very interested to know about the pickled plums though, hint hint!

Celia said...

Ok, so a day ago I'm sure I looked and there was just the post on porridge oats. Today I'm here again and feasting my eyes on all these glorious photos! Sounds like you had a ball, Gill! On to the next post.. :)

Gill the Painter said...

Howdy Joanna and Celia.

I have been a busy bee haven't I.
I've put the pickled plums recipe up on the next post, Joanna.
I'd better double check it, as my notes are so messy, and I was flitting between ideas and tasting and adding.

You can't take it away though!!

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