29 October 2010

we've booked the premier inn - docklands

unseen online a month ago, at the bargain price of £50 a night in December

so we took a stroll around Docklands and Canary Wharf yesterday whilst we had time to kill,

Can't wait me!


26 October 2010

chana dal


Doesn't this chana dhal over at Celia's blog look amazing: figjamandlimecordial

So when Tony and I had a deep, long discussion about eating fewer meat based meals, I thought of chana dal immediately

I'd saved a conversation some time ago by Raja about a Bengali version of the dish, and based on that, this is the warming, pleasant version from the Painter house, non-authentic I'm sure


chana dal, I used yellow split peas
water to soak
tomatoes, half a tin
toasted, ground cumin coriander and black mustard seeds
fresh chilli
fresh coriander
1 teasp thick curry paste, vindaloo
coconut milk

soak the chana dal in water for 2hrs30 at least
blitz the above ingredients to a paste and gently fry for a couple of minutes

add tomatoes, the dal and the water
simmer gently, covered for 1hr30, or until it is cooked 

to finish, add a little fragrant coconut milk and fresh coriander leaves

serve with freshly made naan bread

25 October 2010

Pakoda Indian Snack

test for pdf printing template

google document recipe

scribd recipe

serve with minted mayonnaise
mint sauce
spicy mango chutney, combined

serve with minted yoghurt 
mint sauce
thick yoghurt
spicy mango chutney, combined

24 October 2010

through the square window ........

As a display from the street, Lella and I usually leave paintings perched in our window, whether they are finished or not
Mainly it helps us see the balance of our work from a distance from over the road.

But we also get comments from local people and sometimes friendly souls come in for a chat with us too

So last night's view for you through the square window, is a painting from my "ordinary objects" series.  Quirky pictures, with little or no narrative to speak of.
And this one is "Edible Nasturtiums", a gift from my painting partner Lella from her allotment

I'll have it finished today and framed

and now it is finished!

17 October 2010

World Bread Day 2010 : Sour Soya Milk White Sourdough

The 5th world bread day has arrived and gone, don't forget to blog your bread today and submit it :   http://kochtopf.twoday.net/stories/announcing-5th-world-bread-day-2010

Here's that link icon again

World Bread Day 2010 (submission date October 16)

Asda's quite a distance away for us.  We only went there to give the car a run after the battery went flat on us.
So opening a carton of their soya milk that's gone thick for no apparent reason, means I can't take it back.

I tell my husband I'll use it in my next sourdough, meaning this bread recipe cannot be replicated, unless you use soya yoghurt I imagine

150g white fobbing leaven
320g thick soya milk : sub soya yoghurt
530g white bread flour
7g salt

my method in pictures:

whisk fresh white leaven and thick soya milk (yoghurt)

add flour and salt and knead lightly

rest for 1 hour & shape onto baking paper

rest for 3 - 4 hours

into a stock pot, slash and bake

soured soya milk sourdough

the crumb shot

sour soya milk sourdough - lightly toasted with egg

13 October 2010

It's world bread day on Saturday

I saw this event on Madrid tiene miga last month, an excellent site for breadly people to visit

World Bread Day 2010 (submission date October 16)

and with 3 days to go, have fed my leaven this morning, getting it going nicely, in order to design a bread for the day.
I've decided to make a "seasonal" bread.

No idea what, but I'll think about that tomorrow and the next day

I really should give my white starter a better stir than that

7 October 2010

Hellmann's Mayonnaise Painting

I've bought some to create a painting in my "ordinary objects" series.

So let me introduce you firstly to my egg pan, only to be used for anything eggy, such as tortillas 
and used here, for that cheesy omelette I really fancied for breakfast this morning

served with the Hellmann's I bought to paint

And so to the painting.
I have to draft out the shape of the bottle by eye, not too central within the canvas - for interest

Then to add the creamy mayo, with an idea of the lights and darks, and the reflections in the label and glass

And today, I've added some of the darker labelling and wording, with the background colour I want

Stand back from your computer!

When this is dry, I'll add 2 sets of wording, but my hand writing was getting a bit wobbly today - (which doesn't actually matter, it's a representation of the object)

the Hellmann's and the Mayonnaise ..............  

- it's still a bit too salty though, I prefer home made.