7 October 2010

Hellmann's Mayonnaise Painting

I've bought some to create a painting in my "ordinary objects" series.

So let me introduce you firstly to my egg pan, only to be used for anything eggy, such as tortillas 
and used here, for that cheesy omelette I really fancied for breakfast this morning

served with the Hellmann's I bought to paint

And so to the painting.
I have to draft out the shape of the bottle by eye, not too central within the canvas - for interest

Then to add the creamy mayo, with an idea of the lights and darks, and the reflections in the label and glass

And today, I've added some of the darker labelling and wording, with the background colour I want

Stand back from your computer!

When this is dry, I'll add 2 sets of wording, but my hand writing was getting a bit wobbly today - (which doesn't actually matter, it's a representation of the object)

the Hellmann's and the Mayonnaise ..............  

- it's still a bit too salty though, I prefer home made.


Choclette said...

Fantastic picture, I'm awestruck. Agree it's really hard to buy a good mayonnaise, though I don't make my own as much as I used to.

Choclette said...

Forgot to say, it was interesting to see the progression of the painting. Thought when I saw the post title you were painting using mayonnaise, Have you thought about doing an edible painting???

Gill the Painter said...

good morning to you Choclette.

Hmmm, I'm sure there is a way of doing an edible painting of sorts
I did once think about a sourdough installation for a summer exhibit to be eaten but decided not to.

Anonymous said...

Looking good there Painter! Glad you found time to stop for breakfast too - wonderful food stuff, eggs

Celia said...

Glorious work as always, Gill! I too love the progress photos - I'm always fascinated to see your art evolve.

Like Choclette, though, I thought you might be painting in mayo, a la Pro Hart, who once did a tv add where he painted on a floor rug from spaghetti and mayo and all sorts of other foods. Actually here it is - just found it on YouTube:


Lush said...

Aha - My first thought - ' she's moved on to Fresco's' - but upgrading it to mayo instead of boring ol' egg white & yolk - that'll show Michelangelo........!

There's a place for that painting in the Sistine Gilly - good subject!

The Atora Dijon Mayonnaise tube wouldn't have the same impact !!

Gill the Painter said...

Good morning Joanna.
Eggs sit in my kitchen for ages unnoticed, but the time I really need them, there's only one left in the box.

I'm always "running out".

Celia, thanks for the link. His way of painting the carpet really isn't that easy. I tried sploshing a canvas the other day and ended up with it all up the wall, but hardly any on my picture.

I'm going to a talk at 10am about Michael Angel this morning.
Part of the literary festival here at Cheltenumb.


Lush said...

That's a bit early on a Sat. to be talking about St. Angelo (it's the least the Pope could do don't you think?) What that poor man needed was a good physio!

Which brings me to omelettes - I don't usually have them for brekkie - but that picture of yours poked my tastebuds this morning & nothing else would do, but I had to wait until Himself got up to make it - it's the only thing he cooks, and he does a m-e-a-n one!
I am pushed out of the kitchen every time in case I see his secret, which he learnt off a very attractive Mexican lady who cooked our omelettes when we were in Mexico years ago - the best I've had, ever...... but it's his little secret now too & boy is he guarding it........it's sweet really, well it gives me a laugh anyway.....!

and the omelette really hit the button !!

Gill the Painter said...

Does Mr Lushly add a tablesp of tequila to his omelette mix?

Unknown said...

Hi Gill: yummers to the omelette with Hellman's mayo. It reminds me of the good old days in the USA mid-eighties!

MizzLush: if you haven't managed yet to get his lordship to share the secret, then we'll never know, aaarrrggghhhh ;)

The painting's evolution is such a pleasure to watch, isn't it. It reminds me of your blog post on the Café. The evolution was so amazing too. I think it is very generous of you to share your private thoughts with all of us. Thank you.

Did you enjoy the talk on Michael Angelo this morning? An amazingly gifted man in so many ways.

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Elisa.
The talk was excellent this morning thank you.

And I'm happy to talk about cooking and painting both at once here.

Odette said...

Looks like you stil have glass jars there, Gill or are they plastic like ours? Always fun to see your progression pics.

Fingers crossed this will post!

Odette said...

Blimey. It posted - typos and all! Amazing - I haven't been able to post on here for months and months!

Gill the Painter said...

You've arrived. I blame blogger, it's so buggy sometimes.

I'm making sure I can get glass jars for my "ordinary objects" pieces.

I plan to paint Tabasco next, but my jar in the cupboard is so old the contents are almost green.

Lucy said...

I love this painting - it would look so great in a kitchen. I, too, thought you were planning to paint with mayonnaise ;)

Gill the Painter said...

Hello Lucy and welcome.
Thank you for your kind comment.

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