13 October 2010

It's world bread day on Saturday

I saw this event on Madrid tiene miga last month, an excellent site for breadly people to visit

World Bread Day 2010 (submission date October 16)

and with 3 days to go, have fed my leaven this morning, getting it going nicely, in order to design a bread for the day.
I've decided to make a "seasonal" bread.

No idea what, but I'll think about that tomorrow and the next day

I really should give my white starter a better stir than that


Joanna said...

Yes you should tsk tsk :) but I am sure it won't mind. I was wondering about world bread day too. it's a bloggers thing is it? Or does it extend beyond that?

Gill the Painter said...

It's forgiven me this morning.

You just blog about your bread experience, they even say you can buy your bread from a bakery for your post,
and after submission to their blog site, it becomes part of the WBD round up feature.

Odette said...

Hello Gill - world bread day sounds like a good reason to bake something tasty and good looking this Saturday - a seasonal bread sounds great. It's time I refreshed my starter , too. I fancy a rye bread, I think, or a multigrain. I have a good adaptation of a Mick recipe from Dan's. He had some good recipes.

Hi Joanna - will you be making something?

Joanna said...

Hello to you Odette and to Gill - I was thinking about making some bread rings covered in sesame seeds - I think they're called 'simit'; Turkish street bread. I am working up to braiding challah, as I am really bad at rolling strands out, they always end up hollow like long tubes of pasta, I have to practise a bit :)

Celia said...

I never knew about WBD, thanks Gill! Isn't it Chocolate Week over there as well?

Gill the Painter said...

Good morning Odette and Joanna.
Your breads are a little more exciting than mine.

I've got a thick soya milk in the fridge which shouldn't be thick.
So I've started baking with that, using all of it for the liquid part of the sourdough.
I'll not be able to replicate the bread, but hey, it's different.
"No water bread"

Morning Celia. I wouldn't know it either if it weren't for the Spanish site announcement.

Is it chocolate week then? I think we know someone we can ask .....

joanna said...

It's always chocolate week ;) anyway I didn't bake a bread today, just didn't quite happen but I did get to Mark's Bread and ate his lovely croissants walking round Leigh Woods and had boughten bread for lunch, but you said I could blog it for WBD so I have! Clever you to notice that on the OP's blog! I probably wouldn't have gone there otherwise and he makes great bread in a teeny tiny place. I will make those simit soon, just not today. How's the soya bread doing Gill?

Odette said...

Well, I ended up making a boatload of Gill's Oatmeal Digestives rather than bread and wonderful they are too! So much for World Bread Day in my household! Oh well! OH is happy so who could ask for more :)

Gill the Painter said...

The sour soya milk bread came along very well, thank you Joanna.
We had some last evening with our tomato soup.

I'll type up a separate blog I think and get it submitted.

Hi Odette, I'm pleased your OH liked those biscuits.

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