21 November 2010

Dan Lepard's crisp cracker treats

  My they're good!
Served with Wensleydale & my apple, blackcurrant and balsamic savoury jam

We're always buying crackers in our house.  Either ryvitas, or those Italian Doriano packets.
So when I saw Dan's Guardian recipe for the salted oat crackers, it jumped out at me as something to make immediately.

To be honest, I wasn't true to his method here, as I rolled out the cracker pastry to 2mm thick - where they ought be potato crisp thin, and fragile.
Not that I'm worried, my results were fabulous.

I used half and half milk & water for the liquid.

the raw pastry, rolled & cut
ready for the oven

cooled on a rack - the sun came out in my kitchen


Joanna said...

Perfect! Maybe I should have made those this afternoon instead of doggie bread sticks.. ah well there's always tomorrow!

celia said...

I looked at the pics and thought the same thing Jo did, maybe I should have made these this afternoon! They do look very crisp and moreish!

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Joanna and Celia.
They're such a perfect recipe, I really don't know how Dan does it week in week out.

Choclette said...

These look lovely Gill. I've seen these all over the place and am determined to try them out. Thought they'd make a good xmas gift with one or two of our excellent local cheeses - assuming mine come looking half as good as yours!

Spotted Dick said...

Hi Gill

I made them this past weekend and got round the thickness problem by rolling as thin as possible (hard work) then cut them out with a pastry cutter, I then rolled each disc into an elongated oval, these being very thin. They turned out fantastic, I done 50% salt and 50% salt and pepper. Also done your oat cakes also a great big thumbs up. Pics on my blog

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