20 December 2010

2. How to make a painting frame

It's wonderful to have made your oil painting.
But framing your piece of art costs a lot of money.

So why not make you own frames!   
You need 2 pieces of specialist kit, that I couldn't find a work-around for

- the mitre cutter

- the v-shaped staple tool
but when you make two or three large frames, you've recouped your money.
~  ~  ~

First, buy your moulding woods, they come in 3 metre lengths.  
The cheapest is £2 - 3 per metre, but it goes into £15 - £20 metres the more fashioned the frame wood 

I prefer to buy the cheapest I can get, and sand, polish and paint it myself afterwards
  • always measure in millimetres
  • measure the sides of your canvas to the exact millimetre
  • measure the depth of your moulding (not inclusive of the routed recess) and double it
  • add 2 millimetres for a comfortable fit
Once your 4 sides are cut with accuracy, you need to glue them and staple them:

not too much wood glue
match up the inside angles - and not the outside corners!

wipe any excess
and leave for 24 hours
gently insert v-shaped staples
paint it

I use two coats of Farrow and Ball eggshell paints, 1 part water : 1 part paint 

beeswax your frame
buff to a silky finish
secure your picture to frame

One last tip before we see some frames.
People pay a lot of money for oil paintings, so don't forget the back.  I buy upholsterers' Hessian for a finish to the reverse of my pieces of work

staple and stretch the Hessian
to keep your painting reverse protected
a selection of small frames


Anonymous said...

I'm probably never going to make one of these - it looks very technical, but if I ever do I will be back to take notes Gill... BUT I do want to say Merry Christmas to you and Tony - I doubt the burghers of Bristol will be swimming in the Lake this Christmas but you never know... skating more likely. Have a peaceful and happy holiday time both of you xx Joanna

Gill the Painter said...

Thank you Joanna.

Merry Christmas to both you and Brian.
And a woof woof to those curly dogs of yours.

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