27 December 2010

... that blogger picture

Warm clothes and boots on and up the Leckhampton Road looking back at Cheltenham

further up towards Cricklade

that's the Malverns at the cloud line in the background,
from the high point of the Cotswolds 

passing the tasty hairy Belted Galloway cows

and back home for a slice of
and to try out my instant pocket photo printer


Lucinda said...

Great photos Gill - and what a fun new toy!!!

Love the "hairy Belted Galloway cows".... steak tartare would spring to mind but in that kind of weather I think I'll go with a hearty beef casserole of some sort! Or maybe just a massive steak, a few chips and a dollop of béarnaise sauce

Gill the Painter said...

Oh yes Lucinda!
We had steak and chips last night, but not from these beasties.

Unknown said...

Those cows are very goodlooking in their wintercoats Gill! Delicious steaks and frites, mmmm. I wouldn't mind one after all that fancy Christmas food! Gorgeous landscapes that you photographed and I just love that Zink! What a find, bravo Tony! Gerard is coveting that piece of cake!

Odette said...

Great photos, Gill, and great looking cheesecake and what a great new gizmo!

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Elizabeth and Odette.

They were indeed very pretty cows, worthy of my first homemade photo.

There's still half the cheesecake left.
It's as rich tasting as it looks.

Celia said...

Are the cows belted because they have a white stripe across their stomachs? Lovely wintry, Christmassy photos Gill, thanks for sharing! :)

Gill the Painter said...

That's right Celia.

And they are hairy all over, and as curly as Zeb's poodles.

Choclette said...

The snow was so beautiful and your pictures are lovely. Ours had all disappeared when we woke up on the 27th - easier to get about but not so spirit enhancing.

Happy New Year

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