28 January 2011

Not too late for the World Marmalade Festival 2011 - nr Penrith

Seville orange time means marmalades at the beautiful home and gardens at Dalemain for the World Marmalade Festival on Sat 12th & Sun 13th Feb

You have until 6th Feb to participate & get your golden jars into the post.
If you need a recipe, Dan Lepard has posted an excellent one on the Beeb:

Mine's made at last, 2 types this year, going into the Merry section 8, and the Inventive section 11.

I had trouble with the Italiano Galliano, when added to the hot marmalade it was like Ricard, it lost it's translucency.
So I made my own.
Marmalade water infused with liquorice root and star anise.  
plus home-made vanilla extract added after the setting point is reached. 

& I had more trouble with the duck à l'orange.  
The roasted duck stock was murky.
I tried the consommé tip to clarify it using an egg white, but it was Heston who came to the rescue, by freezing the stock and defrosting it untouched through a muslin.

Jars painted & labels made with my Pogo portable printer

& I made a painting yesterday afternoon of the Seville orange.

See you at Dalemain on Sunday if you are going.  
Good luck.


Debs @ DKC said...

Hi Gill, good luck. Hope all goes well.

You never know Victpria Beckham may pop in as she's craving orange marmalade during her pregnancy!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Gill: the best of luck on Sunday! Those jars look wonderful, I'm impressed. G. is drooling, he loves marmalade.
Are you taking the lovely painting as well?

Gill the Painter said...

Debs! It's wonderful to see you here.
I hope Victoria brings Beckham with her.

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Elisa.
You should amaze him, & make some marmalade for G.

And I'll probably take the picture, if someone wants to buy it for the Hospice charity.

You never know.

Unknown said...

I've never made marmalade, or jams for that matter. G. makes jam and marmalade. He has not made any this year though.

Good thinking on the picture!

Gill the Painter said...

I never realised he was jam maker. I just bet he's got some wonderful pieces of kitchen kit for the job.

Unknown said...

Ha ha ha! He uses the cocotte-minute for the marmalade and jams. He usually uses much less sugar than other people do in jams. He keeps the jars in the cellar, near the wine ;);)

Kavey said...

Oh good luck, good luck!

Gill the Painter said...

Cheers Kavey.
If I don't do very well, it won't be because I haven't tried.

Joanna said...

Good luck from me too and thanks for all the marmalading support Gill!

Choclette said...

Goodness Gill, duck marmalade, that's really something different and has taken me well out of my marmalade experience - how exotic. The liquorice and star anise one sounds really delicious. I love your painting too. Have a good trip and good luck.

Gill the Painter said...

Thank you Joanna and Choclette.

I have no idea how the "Hello Duckie" one will do.
I may end up with duck egg on my face for that one.

celia said...

Oooh, yours look divine too, Grilly! Good luck to both you and Jo! Please take lots of photos for us marmalade-festival-deprived folks on the other side of the world! :)

Odette said...

Good old Heston, Gill! Your cococtions are wonderful - I'd have never thought of those in a million years - mind you I'm so far away from everyday standard marmalade that the plain ole Seville is heaven on toast when I can get my hands on the fruit. Your duck stock version sounds very out there and I'd love to sample it - hope it wins! Fingers crossed!

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Odette.
We are pretty lucky to get the Sevilles on our doorstep.
& to have the festival here too.

Will do with pleasure. I'll take extra batteries just in case!

Thank you both for the good wishes.

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