25 January 2011

vegan filo purses, but so much more

White bean-filled filo purse over soft garlic polenta
with porcini-Zinfandel sauce, broccoli rabe and grilled pear
I still feel this is the best meal I've cooked, 
a vegan dish which comes from Eric Tucker's "The Artful Vegan" with his permission.

It beats any roast dinner, but be warned, it takes a morning or afternoon to prepare,
but isn't difficult 

you can buy the seitan sausages, and use powdered bouillon if you wish

Print out 5 stages (makes 6-8)
  1. ingredients list
  2. spicy fennel seitan sausages
  3. vegan stock
  4. cashew cream
  5. method 


1. prep - print out 5 pages, & make
vegan stock, seitan sausages & the cashew sauce

2. the sauce
sauté the shallots and garlic in evoo, and add the mushrooms & salt and cook till browned
add in the herbs and wine
then the stock, tamari & balsamic and cook gently till reduced by half
make a roux with the flour and vegetable oil, cooked out for 10-15mins and add half to your reduced stock
simmer gently for 5mins, and add more roux if you need to thicken the sauce consistency
add salt and pepper and strain

3. the purse filling and the purses
sauté the onion garlic carrot and fennel
add thyme sage and mushrooms & cook for 2 mins, before adding the marsala
pour in the stock & the chopped seitan
simmer for 10 mins to remove all liquid
cool and add nutmeg, (optional add truffle oil)

brush & stack 6 sheets filo with vegetable oil
cut into quarters
repeat for 8 squares
fill the squares with the white bean & seitan ingredients mix, and close your parcels tightly into purses
bake for 25 mins on parchment

4. the polenta 
bring your stock to the boil, and the polenta and turn the heat down.
cook whilst stirring for 20mins
rest, & add the garlic, nutritional yeast & cashew cream, herb salt and pepper

5. the greens
sauté your choice of greens with all the ingredients till soft

6. the pears
mix ingredients in a bowl & sauté or grill your pear slices for 2mins either side


first the polenta & sauce


Joanna said...

What a creation! I have never heard of seitan sausages nor used cashew cream - and there I was pondering hogget and dry aged beef which Andrew has for sale right now. Bit of a contrast!

I like the idea of the garliccy polenta, haven't had any of that in ages and the whole dish looks a complete delight!

Gill the Painter said...

The polenta is great Joanna.
As is the gravy/ sauce if you feel like incorporating it into a hogget dish.

I don't make vegan very often, but it's a revelation when I do.

Odette said...

I remember your slideshow and I'm so glad you blogged this, Gill. It's really good to be able to look through all the pictures as well the recipes and notes. A real classic.

Gill the Painter said...

It's a beaut isn't it.
When my family next visits, they've said they want to try it out.

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