9 March 2011

Take one sunny day, invite a friend and make dosa

Joanna at Zeb Bakes & I have been meaning to get together in Cheltenham for a time.
And now we have a food challenge too, that doesn't involve sourdough.

Global Worming on the BBC messageboards had talked about dosa, so
"that'll do", I thought.

No hard recipe, 
just Manjula's technique on video for us to watch at table, before we share my kitchen   ....

the batter 
1 handful rice, cooked for 5 mins
2 handfuls moong dal

cover with water and leave to ferment for 24hrs
blend for several minutes to a smooth paste

add 1/4 teasp dry fried, blended fenugreek seeds

the stuffing 
cooked maris piper potatoes
peas, a little turmeric, pinch of cumin, black mustard seeds, & fresh coriander

making the dosa 

warm your flat pan to medium hot
rub with a little oil & scoop a half cup of thick dosa batter into the centre
circle the mix outwards with the back of a spoon

wait until the sides brown and the pancake breaks small bubbles
wipe the surface lightly with oil, and flip the pancake carefully
(Joanna was particularly good at this part)

rotate the dosa in quarter turns in the pan using the back of a spatula

line the centre with your potato filling

fold to a cigar shape, seam side down, and crisp

serve with your chosen side dishes 

A recipe to suit most people, inclusive of eating preferences, & intolerances.