1 May 2011

crusty sunshine sourdough cobs

Sliced hot from the oven, deliciously light tangy bread rolls for outdoor eating

They have a super springy soft crumb,
with a cracking crust

overnight ferment ingredients

120g sourdough starter 
100g wholemeal strong flour
100g water

mix and rest, covered, in the fridge overnight

the following morning, to your ferment



crusty sunshine sourdough cob ingredients 
320g water + 1 tblsp evoo
550g strong white flour
7g fine salt

mix together and rest the wet dough for 15mins
mix again, and rest for 15mins
mix one more time and rest for 2hrs30

shape into 10 equal balls, place on baking parchment onto a baking sheet
and bake at 200 deg for 30mins, turn the oven down to 180 for a further 15mins

and cool


Choclette said...

These sound wonderful. I love the idea of them being for outdoor eating - it's pouring with rain here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gill, What Gorgeous crusty rolls - I love sourdough, it's so versatile if you give it a chance isn't it?

Gill the Painter said...

Oh no! Choclette. Poor you. We had a lecky storm for the Wedding evening, but it's been cool and bright otherwise.
Almost glorious.

Gill the Painter said...

Morning Zeb.
It certainly is.
I do like the way you don't really know what you are going to get until you slice into the sourdough.
It's always a drama.

celia said...

Beeyootiful, Grilly! So nice to hear from you, you've been in my thoughts. Lovely to see the glorious things emanating from your kitchen! xxx

Gill the Painter said...

Thank you so much Celia.
Nice to be up and running again.

I have been cooking, but nothing very new or of note just yet.

But I've got a few projects coming up, cooking and painting.

Lucinda said...

Looks fab Gill. I shall have to make some to take for lunch. I'd better de-freeze some starter next weekend and get on with it. They really look tasty.

Odette said...

Gill, your sourdough bread always looks wonderful! Reminds me, I must do a refresh and bake, myself. Your rolls look light and crusty and the biz!

Gill the Painter said...

Howdy Odette and Lucinda

Yes, get them starters fed, and bread baked. It's rather relaxing when you have a routine.

I've still got Dan's nuggets of starter in the freezer.
I'll test one to see if it still bakes up, Lucinda.

Lucinda said...

Mine has been in the freezer for ages Gill - I have my doubts about it. I'll be interested to get your feedback.


Mamta said...

Lovely rolls Gill, making me hungry and it is not even 8 yet! I must get my frozen sour dough starter out today and reactivate it.

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