28 July 2011

How to ... give up coffee

If, like me, you know you drink too much coffee, why not give it a rest for a while and see how it floats.

I drink 4 - 5 mugs in the morning.  And feel the need to check how my blood pressure will react should I cut it out.

If you think nothing of warming up a nice bottle of sake in the morning, or lighting up a succession of cigarettes the moment daylight pricks your eyes, then the first method is called:

1. the Dr Stop!
That's it then.  No more coffee.  Ever.

2. the Half 'n half
Mix half your usual blend of coffee, with decaf for a while, to ease yourself gently into it.

3. the Switch to decaf

4. the Half arsed - I can't be arsed, approach
Resign yourself to giving up tomorrow/ next Monday/ some other time.

Me?  I'm going for the Dr Stop! today.

Say hello wave goodbye, to my last cup of coffee (black, no sugar).


Anonymous said...

Gulp Gill! How's it going with you and Dr Stop? What are you drinking instead? Waves madly from other end of M5 xx

Gill the Painter said...

morning Joanna.
Day 2 and I'm fine. I'm drinking water as usual, squeezed orange juice, and green tea so far.

Waving back across the county.

Anonymous said...

good luck

Anonymous said...

Whooaaahh Gill! You'll thrive on green tea. I got Gerard off the coffee kick in the morning and he now can't live without it. Well done and you can still enjoy the odd good expresso when the occasion presents itself ;)

And I meant to tell you, I just love that painting on your blog!

Gill the Painter said...

That's a belter of a painting isn't it.
And some lucky person snapped it up one day after it went onto the internet ;)

You did well to get the Chillidodger off the coffee.
Just putting my pot of green tea on this morning.


Lucinda said...

I have an occasional espresso when closeted in MD's office (she has a machine in there) sorting out the world (I wish!) but have also given up coffee...

Alternatives... Jasmine, oolong, nettle, camomile, lemon and ginger and..... plain hot water sometimes diluted with a splash of fresh lemon juice. Very refreshing.

Gill the Painter said...

Hi Lucinda.
They are refreshing aren't they.
I've got quite an array in my cupboards waiting to be sampled.

celia said...

I had an 8 espresso a day habit to kick, about ten years ago. Went cold turkey. The headaches nearly kept me in bed for the first week. Nowadays I rarely even drink tea, except for herbals. :)

My current fave is a Turkish apple tea made with hibiscus that turns a bright blood red with brewing. The painter in you would love it, Gill. :)

Gill the Painter said...

8 espressos is quite a habit to kick. Well done you.

The Turkish apple tea must look glorious, Celia. I wonder if I might see it in the shops here....

I've got herbals in, but when they're finished I might brew my own. Like gingers or flax seed.

Odette said...

Wow. No more coffee ever?
That's serious!

Gill the Painter said...

Too serious!
It's been over a week now, and I'm still feeling fuzzy headed.
I hope that wears off soon.

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