16 January 2012

how to make coconut milk: Laylita's bacalao encocado

It's not often that I discover something new and different, that I shall incorporate into my cooking today onwards.  
From Laylita's pescado encocado, I decided on the spot that I'd have to try the dish from Central America, just reading it.  
Some posts sing out to be cooked.

I also knew that I wouldn't buy tinned coconut for it, and would attempt to make fresh coconut milk.  
Now the coconuts I've seen in Morrisons are obviously not the Spice Island quality I've tried in the past.  But they'd have to do.
As with most things on the internet, there is a lot of guidance out there on how to do it.   All very simple too. 

I blended the coconut pieces with a little liquid (milk, water, cream), I used milk here.  Squeezed hard through a muslin to extract the cream, and .... well, there is no "and".  That's all there is to it.

bacalao encocado: ingredients  

fresh, firm fish fillet cut into chunks - cod, halibut, sea bass etc
the juice of 2 oranges, and 2 lemons
4 garlic cloves
1tsp ground coriander
1tsp paprika
1tsp ground cumin
1 small onion, chopped finely
2 red peppers, chopped finely
4 tomatoes, chopped finely
coconut milk, freshly extracted or tinned
freshly chopped coriander herb

Soak the fish in lemon & orange juice, garlic, cumin, coriander, paprika and salt for 1 - 2 hours in the fridge
Sauté the onion, garlic tomatoes and peppers (sofrito) for 5mins
Pour in the coconut milk and simmer for 10mins.  (at this stage you can thicken the sauce with cornflour if you like - I prefer thin sauces and gravies)
Add the cod pieces, cover the pan and cook gently for 15 - 20 mins, dependent upon your fish.

extract your fresh coconut pieces

purée the pulp with milk, cream or water

wring out the juice through a muslin

fine coconut & coconut milk

A delicious fish dish, with a pleasurable, balanced, gently spiced coconut sauce.  

14 January 2012

2 paintings published on the BBC

I have 3 paintings hanging in the exhibition space and art school in town,  Centre Arts Cheltenham.

& Zaphira had told me that the BBC West and Midlands film crew were interviewing her during the week, and that the news feature would be aired on Friday.  Her business is featured for its setting up in a recession, and for making art accessible to all ages.

My 2 oil paintings are Autumn Walk, and Faded Flowers, seen at the beginning of the article.

Click on the images to view the video:

4 January 2012

Short and Sweet: leaven, extra-thin, rye crispbreads

I've always loved crispbreads.
When walking down any shop biscuit aisle, it's the cracker section that reels me in. 
Assorted packets of savoury wafers that go with anything, seemingly.

Unless you buy the heavily herbed ones.

Joanna at Zeb Bakes has just made Dan Lepard's crispbreads from his new book.
So I flick through to page 262, and put on my apron.  I know it's going to get floury in the kitchen.

mix dry ingredients with fresh rye leaven

bring together with the liquid - I used soya milk

rest for 1hr30 then fashion into 25g balls

roll out as thin as you can

bake at 200deg for 7mins

as they cool they crisp up
serve with Heinz-esque tomato soup