28 February 2012

Last seen on my car roof on the M5

Lost and not found.

My Bombay Sapphire ordinary object painting, mixed media.

I've only done this once before.  
Left my handbag on top of the car in my 20's, driven maybe 25 miles, and picked my purse up off the roof at the other end.
I was incredibly lucky.

But this time on Saturday morning, whilst filling my car with painting gear, I haven't wanted to put the picture frame on the ground for fear of scratches or dirt. 

I only remembered the painting when I reached my destination 4 hours later, with a cold flash back, whilst unloading my art kit and noticing its absense.

It's definitely gone, probably smashed under car tyres, 
but I shall paint a replica today in the studio.  There's not that much harm done.

Silly me.

14 February 2012

quark: delicious days: pogácsa

Too much of a good thing can catch up with you.
My husband has eaten so much Greek yoghurt, that he's finding it difficult to digest nowadays, and needs some time away from the product.

Seeking out a soya alternative for him, has had my eating all the soya yoghurt offerings instead, since he thinks it tastes funny.  And it does too, although I like that flavour.

And I got the same reaction with almost-fat-free Quark, leaving me wondering what to do with it. 

Until yesterday, when a blog post from Munich dropped into my Google Reader page.  Nicky from Delicious Days has just made cheesy nibbles using Quark, giving me the opportunity to use the unwanted pot in the fridge.

Flaky, light, savoury cheeselets, that are ideal as a midday snack to keep you going.

Thank you Nicky.

  • no change to her ingredients, mixed all together in the food processor using the plastic blade.
  • folded the soft mix 3 times as you would flaky pastry.
  • rolled out the pastry to 3/4cm thickness, & topped with parmesan cheese and a grating of Zulu chilli flakes
  • cut the area into squares
  • and baked undisturbed at 200 for 15mins