28 February 2012

Last seen on my car roof on the M5

Lost and not found.

My Bombay Sapphire ordinary object painting, mixed media.

I've only done this once before.  
Left my handbag on top of the car in my 20's, driven maybe 25 miles, and picked my purse up off the roof at the other end.
I was incredibly lucky.

But this time on Saturday morning, whilst filling my car with painting gear, I haven't wanted to put the picture frame on the ground for fear of scratches or dirt. 

I only remembered the painting when I reached my destination 4 hours later, with a cold flash back, whilst unloading my art kit and noticing its absense.

It's definitely gone, probably smashed under car tyres, 
but I shall paint a replica today in the studio.  There's not that much harm done.

Silly me.


Spotted Dick said...

Ah you poor lass, but it could have been worse, it could have been a full bottle of sapphire, now that would have been a wailly wailly bang ones head against the wall. LoL

Hugs Dicl

Gill the Painter said...

Ha ha.
How true.

Lush said...

I'm saying nothing me..........

Gill the Painter said...

I know Lushness.
So easily done, and I believe it happens to men too.

I know as I've seen a car overtaking me with a pair of upright riding boots on top.

Lush said...

Ha! Now that would have made a great pic!!

I once drove away with a tray of geraniums on the top after a garden centre visit!

Took a wee while to live that one down - everytime we went shopping it would be "checked the top of the car yet?"


Spotted Dick said...

"I believe it happens to men too" you bet it does, many years ago when there was still the corridors running through the East between Berlin and West Germany. I put was at the check point Bravo and had to get out and do some paper work, I put document wallet on top of the car, Yes you guessed, Now that was a bloody job getting them back.



Joanna @ Zeb Bakes said...

We once chased a car with a kitten clinging to the roof and when the guy finally stopped, purple with rage at being flashed and hooted by us, his face went ashen, it was his daughter's new baby. It survived.

Very sad about your painting though :( it looks a beautiful one !

Gill the Painter said...

Joanna, you get the grand prize.
A kitten!

That doesn't bear thinking about.

Anonymous said...

You see Gill, there is worse!! ;)Poor kitten, what a shocker. The riding boots must have been surreal too. He he.

When we were still young and insouciant, my ex Italian bf left a document carrier with all the money and cards in it, on the roof of a sports car as we were driving off to Italy for a holiday. He only realized it when we had driven 300 km and stopped for a coffee break. Thing had glided down from the roof and got stuck in the luggage rack (which had no luggage on it)! We thought we were going to have to go back home!! :-D Elisa

Gill the Painter said...

That's a feel good story, Elisa.
How lucky were you both.

celia said...

A bugger nonetheless for you, Gill, it's a gorgeous painting and I'm sorry it's gone. Hopefully someone found it and it's now gracing their dining room. Is it just me, or does Bombay gin make anyone else weep? I'm good for a couple of nights of G & Ts, and then the third morning I'm sobbing in my tea.. :)

Gill the Painter said...

Not just you, Celia.
A journalist friend of mine couldn't tolerate gin, as it made her maudlin.

Ivo Beutler said...

You're right. You can replicate that lovely painting if you have photographic memory. Hehe. Just kidding. I also have that habit of putting whatever I have in my hand on the ground when fixing my car, and I forget that I placed them in the driveway often. Anyway, have you tried painting or just sketching inside the car?

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