11 March 2012

chapatti flour in sourdough bread

Mamta Gupta at the excellent Mamta's Kitchen, has asked for advice regarding her bread, which uses atta/ chapatti flour, on the Wildfood forum.
And I have to thank Mamta for bringing atta flour to my attention.
It's a delight in sourdough bread, so much so, I'll be incorporating it into part of my weekly bakes.

I dig chapatti flour, a lot.
Back to Mamta and her issue, her bread crumbles and disintegrates on slicing.
If you have any thoughts, why not pop over to the forum and help her out.

Maybe it's simply down to not enough water?

But I feel it's adding sugar, using a little too much oil, and not getting the proving timings quite right that may be contributing.

So I've taken a gallery of images of the process I follow, to help pin point what to watch out for.

  • don't use too much oil
  • don't worry about the water temperature.  I used cold water, 13deg yesterday
  • try not to use flour when kneading
  • time things by eye, not by the clock
  • try to judge that first prove well, with enough elasticity and air.  Too short and you'll hamper the final lift in the oven
  • the second rise isn't as important - if that makes sense - use a tin and you'll see it better
  • keep your dough neat with a bakers' fold.  This helps with the final shape
  • be forgiving.  Loaves don't have to look perfect to be enjoyed

Mamta's chapatti flour sourdough loaf

325g water & 1 teasp ev olive oil

125g refreshed white leaven (100%) (substitute your usual yeast)
200g chapatti flour & 320g strong white flour (40:60)
5g fine sea salt 

water plus 1 teasp ev olive oil
mix water @13deg with leaven

add flours and salt

pull together to a sticky firm mix

knead for 30secs as best you can

fold and rest for 45mins

no need for flour, knead for another 30secs



and rest, covered with cling film

for 4hrs

until elastic and well aerated

form into a baton, into a tin and dust with rice flour

leave to rise for 1hr30mins

hack with a scalpel .... or rather slash

bake at 220 for 25mins, reduce to 190 for 15 - 20mins

cool on a rack

tangy, soft, light moist chapatti flour sourdough



Lucinda said...

That looks delicious Gill. I haven't made any bread for ages and ages... I think I have some frozen sourdough starter so perhaps it's time to get going again!

Kavey said...

Love your post, Gill and am sure mum will really appreciate your tips too. x

Gill the Painter said...

Good afternoon Lucinda. I hope your starter is still alive. I was still able to use mine until a couple of months ago, so fingers crossed.

Hi Kavey.
Thank you very much. It's always difficult to say what's not right with breadmaking. But there's nothing wrong with the ingredients your mam is using.

Mamta said...

Love it Gill, thanks for the trouble you went to on my behalf. Did you see mine on the wildfood forum made to Dan Lepard's recipe?
re your tips:
I will reduce oil, because some is added when I follow easy bread method and use oil, rather than flour.
Cold water it is in the future!
I do do things by the eye, except when baking and then mine always bakes much faster than the time given in the recipe. I am NOT using fan oven.
I will give more thought and attention to the first prove.
I do use baker's fold.
Actually, looking at your lovely loaf, I think I am expecting too much from mine, hoping it will be light like a shop bought one with all it's additive and years of practice! Last one of mine wasn't too bad.

Gill the Painter said...

the last one of yours looked very good to me, Mamta.

Joanna @ Zeb Bakes said...

What a lovely step by step Gill. It looks very good indeed :)

Joanna @ Zeb Bakes said...

A tip? Reading what Mamta says above - it's a good idea to let your bread bake for the full time of the recipe and not take it out too soon. I am sure Dan says that we all tend to undertake bread and over bake cake. Bread is usually better given a full bake, the crumb is lighter and less doughy, if the top is browning too quickly for your tastes just open the door and let some of the heat out at 20 minutes or so and then turn it down. If you don't open the door, it takes quite a while for the oven to reduce in temperature.

Gill the Painter said...

Morning Joanna.

Yes, it's details like that that make all the difference.
I hadn't even thought about the oven baking side of things.

celia said...

Gill, is chapatti flour chick pea flour? That is a magnificent looking loaf, my dear. :)

Gill the Painter said...

Morning our Celia.
Not chick pea flour, no. That's yellow besan - I presume it's named the same your way.

Chapatti flour is stoneground, light-nut brown "atta" flour - whole wheat, soft grain @10.5% protein.

Do you have access to an Indian store?

If not, I can easily send you some over ...

celia said...

Oh you are kind, but yes, I have access to quite to Indian grocery stores, so I'll go and check out the atta flour. I wouldn't like to explain the bag of whitish powder to our quarantine people, but thank you for the thought, Gill! :D

Gill the Painter said...

To right!
We don't want to upset the authorities, Celia.

Mamta said...

Mine is baked and cooling down. I must say it took a long time for final rise, about 6 hours on my kitchen table top. I notice yours only took 1 hour 30 minutes! I will take a picture and send it to you later.

Gill the Painter said...

Ah. I may have to change my wording.
It must be down to the yeast vs sourdough - although sourdough takes the longer mostly.

How odd.

I really should try this out on dry yeast myself, to be sure of the results for others!

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