25 October 2012

Conkers conquer spiders

It's been a poor conker crop this year, meaning conkers are in short supply.
And conker championships have either to be cancelled, or are to use sprouts.

About this time of year, we usually swoop upon a goodly bag or two of conkers.
But our digging and scraping in the fields this week yielded barely a couple of handfuls.

Why do we bother with such slim pickings, then?

Well.  Placed randomly around the shed and the bike cave, conkers keep the spiders away.  
No more cobweb threads over the face when fumbling around for garden equipment, nor jumpy glimpses of long, scurrying legs to be seen out of the corner of your eye.

Which is heaven when you're a card carrying coward around spiders, such as I.  
And the conquering spiders conker affect lasts for the duration of the year.

Conkers also help keep moths at bay when placed in wardrobes and cupboards.