25 October 2012

Conkers conquer spiders

It's been a poor conker crop this year, meaning conkers are in short supply.
And conker championships have either to be cancelled, or are to use sprouts.

About this time of year, we usually swoop upon a goodly bag or two of conkers.
But our digging and scraping in the fields this week yielded barely a couple of handfuls.

Why do we bother with such slim pickings, then?

Well.  Placed randomly around the shed and the bike cave, conkers keep the spiders away.  
No more cobweb threads over the face when fumbling around for garden equipment, nor jumpy glimpses of long, scurrying legs to be seen out of the corner of your eye.

Which is heaven when you're a card carrying coward around spiders, such as I.  
And the conquering spiders conker affect lasts for the duration of the year.

Conkers also help keep moths at bay when placed in wardrobes and cupboards.


Unknown said...

You too!! I never knew that about conkers. I shall get some and scatter them in the cellar. We're not alone, Gerard hates them even worse than I do, so I am the spider killer in the house. ;)

Gill the Painter said...

You brave trooper, Elisa.
Tony's the spider getter, but I can tell he doesn't like to.

And yes, I know they do a lot of good ....

celia said...

Gill, I'm not sure I even really know what a conker is! Is it a type of chestnut?

Anonymous said...

Morning Gill! I am going to keep my eye out for some conkers and put them in the corner of the persistent spider and see if he or she moves away. I am not a complete spider phobic but they do make me jump.

@ celia yes, a conker is a type of chestnut, its common name here is horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) - not edible for humans !


Gill the Painter said...

Hi Celia, and Jo.

That's right, it's a chestnut. Reading a little more, there's a chemical in the chestnuts that deters spiders,
as does lavender and some other fruits like orange perhaps?

Lush said...

Aaaaahhh - another thing I mean to do but haven't done - get some conkers.........!

My window cleaner is always banging on about how good they are at keeping the wee beasties at bay - not that he's casting nasturtiums on my housekeeping you understand.... ehemm - just that my conservatory windows seem to attract them!

I'm always paranoid about them going across the monitors & setting the alarm off too - I soak a cotton wool ball with 'bugoff' or some such insecticide & stash it behind them at this time of year - another thing I'll have to get around doing.

Now - to find the conkers.......I'll send The Lushly out - he'll love that - he reckons he was a conker-champion when he was kid...we'll see!

Gill the Painter said...

Conservatory windows can create the environment of the tropics, our Lushpot. Nice and cosy for bugs and spiders.

Good luck with finding conkers. They're are rarity this year.

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