15 November 2012

woman&home's 100 best food blogs, and Gillthepainter

Popped onto Facebook this morning, whilst waiting for my aromatically frooty tea to cool, to see how my little niece and her teenage mates are getting along.
They can't hold water on there, and I get to know things in the family before others find out sometimes.

So I'm a fan.

For a change, something of real interest caught my eye @ Woman&home's 100 best food blogs.  
I particularly like to click through these awards rankings to add fine blogs to my RSS food feed for early morning eye guzzling.

Kavey, Cherrapeño I've already subscribed to, that goes for Matthew Fort too.  Anne's Kitchen, I do like her new profile photo, exactly illustrating the difference between an amateur and a professional [photographer] at their work.

But I was stunning to find my own blog placed at #59 in the listings.  
I haven't the foggiest how my weblog got there, although these publications employ researchers in the field I imagine.

& I'm still tickled about it several hours later.