2 June 2013

A painting moment: oil tiles

I've turned my hand to "ceramics".  Well, that would be art ceramic tiles in oils. 

Prepped and primed up 5 inch by 5 inch canvas panels and began painting ordinary objects and still lifes.  Nice and quickly so you get the essence without the detail.

I liked them so much I decided to make a series.  I've painted about 30 so far, and will continue on until something else takes favour.

I've double framed them all in crisp white fashion, ready and waiting for my art exhibits this weekend at both the Bath Guildhall with Beckford Fine Art and the bi-annual Cheltenham Open Studios event. 

I've also been invited to sell them at an art venue near Cahors in France.

So if you are in Cheltenham or nearby, I'm at Venue 7.  You'll be most welcome to take a tour of the studio.